Daily Story Challenge

Hello and welcome to my livejournal. Right now it's only being used to post my Daily Stories, which are stories that I write on a daily basis (I bet your mind is blown right now) in an effort to prove to myself that I can stick to a self-imposed schedule. And to prove to other people that I have creative talent and all that jazz, since I rarely put up youtube videos, I've basically abandoned my fanfiction.net account, and I frequently forget about my deviantart page. But yeah, if you want to know more about this crazy challenge, look here, fools (though admittedly I've changed the rules a lot since I wrote that so it's pretty much just 'write something that resembles a story and try to get it done on a daily basis' at this point). And enjoy the insanity.

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Also, I've written a few things that involve the issues of growing up with ADHD and an anxiety disorder, as well as the issue of misdiagnosis, so if you've been diagnosed with one of these or are interested in the subject, I've made a list of the stories that I feel are relevant to the issue. Collapse )

Finally, I have quite a few stories that are based on one of my most developed characters, Kyle Bernham. He has the body and mind of both a human and a wolf, and he can switch between the two any way he likes (all human, all wolf, wolf body and human mind, and occasionally human body and wolf mind). Since he's an important character to me, I've made a list of his stories as well. Collapse )